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Estimated Expense Budget

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Graduate Tuition, 2024-25

Three academic quarters of graduate tuition

Graduate Type

11-18 units

8, 9, 10 units

Regular Graduate$61,096$39,684
School of Engineering$65,083$42,306

Full-time enrollment may be considered 8-10 units per quarter or 11 or more units per quarter depending on the type of financial support and the program.

2024-25 Average Graduate Student Expense Budget

Single on-campus*   
Living CostsPer QuarterAcademic Year (3 Quarters)
Autumn, Winter, Spring
Full Year (12 Months)
Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Campus housing/rent$6,210$18,630$23,535
Campus Health Service Fee$261$783$1,044
Cardinal Care Health Insurance †$2,540$7,620$7,620
Total Living Allowance*$15,091$45,273$56,519
Tuition (8-10 units)   
Regular Graduate$13,228$39,684$52,912
Graduate Engineering$14,102$42,306$56,408
Tuition and Living Total   
Regular Graduate$28,319$84,957$109,431
Graduate Engineering$29,193$87,579$112,927
* Students living off-campus should add 10-40% to the total living allowance for a more realistic estimate.
† Cardinal Care is an annual plan, with coverage extending through Summer quarter regardless of enrollment status.  See the Vaden Health Center web site for details.
Note that insurance coverage is subject to applicable state form and rate filing approval and, once approved, to the terms of the Master Policy. Pending approval from the state insurance department, the 2024-25 rate described here is preliminary. Should the state require changes, this posting will be updated to reflect them.

Child Care: Costs can range from $1,000 - $3,000 per month (or more).

Living Costs for Spouse: $12,000 (9 months); $16,000 (12 months).

Living Costs for Children: $3,000 (9 months); $4,000 (12 months).

Medical Insurance for Spouse and/or Children: See the Vaden Health Center web site or contact the Insurance Office at (650) 723-2135 or email

Taxation: Fellowship stipends and assistantship salaries are subject to taxation. This tax liability should be included in budget planning.