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Welcome Letter from the Vice Provosts to Newly Admitted Grad Students

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Dear Prospective Stanford Graduate Student,

We are delighted that you have been offered admission to graduate studies at Stanford, and we look forward to welcoming you in the coming months. As a graduate student, you are an important part of our university community. In fact, graduate students—doctoral, master’s, and professional students—make up more than half of Stanford’s student enrollment and have been central to the university since its founding.

Our offices, VPGE and VPSA, collaborate with your school and program to create an environment in which you will grow and thrive. We are eager to welcome you into a community that supports your academic success, professional development, and personal well-being. By fostering a spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and inclusion, we support you in your desire to learn new skills, make new discoveries, and contribute to your communities at and beyond Stanford, as you prepare to have an impact in many possible areas upon graduation.

We encourage you to take advantage of Stanford’s openness—take courses in many departments outside your own, seek out faculty with diverse interests, as well as talk with people from different disciplines and parts of the world. In addition to the university's exceptional academic resources, we also encourage you to explore wellness resources and community centers where you’ll find other students, faculty, and staff who are eager to offer support of many kinds. And, of course, we hope you will enjoy the opportunity to venture off campus and explore the ocean, mountains, redwood forests, and the Bay Area’s dynamic and diverse cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

The Gateway for New Graduate Students offers information and resources that will help you smoothly transition into your graduate program and the Stanford community. In the summer, you will be invited to Grad Connect, a virtual orientation on the Canvas learning management system, so you can prepare for graduate studies at your own pace before arriving on campus. In collaboration with your program and other campus partners, the Graduate Life Office will also welcome you with New Graduate Student Orientation activities, prior to the start of Autumn quarter.

We look forward to personally welcoming you to Stanford. We are confident that you will find this a truly exciting place to pursue your graduate studies.

Susie Brubaker-Cole
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Stacey F. Bent
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
Jagdeep and Roshni Singh Professor in the School of Engineering