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In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford reaffirms its commitment to perform individualized, holistic review of each applicant to its graduate and professional programs. We recognize that students may have faced significant challenges during the period of disruption caused by the pandemic, and we will take such individual circumstances into account during application review. Importantly, we will respect decisions regarding the adoption of Credit/No Credit and other grading options during this unprecedented period of COVID-19 disruption, whether they are made by institutions or by individual students. Our goal remains to form graduate student cohorts that are excellent and encompass a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences that enrich the graduate educational experience.

We are aware of some school closings in areas impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and that it may delay some courses of study as well as the reporting of official school documents. If you are impacted by this, please contact our office to request an extension: We will do our best to work with you and your department. 

Admitted students: see our special instructions for submitting transcripts.

Sources of Financial Support

Your Academic Department at Stanford

Your department can provide information about fellowships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and suggest external funding sources specific to your program.

Financial support (fellowships and assistantships) varies considerably among departments, schools, and programs. Some departments provide basic support to all doctoral students to whom they offer admission. Others are unable to offer support to all admitted students. Academic merit and availability of aid are the primary considerations in the awarding of graduate financial support.

Full fellowships generally cover tuition costs and provide a living stipend for a single student. Teaching and research assistantships are a component of the educational program; full support from an assistantship will require 20 hours per week of duties, and provide a salary plus tuition payment. Partial awards or combinations of fellowship and assistantship support are offered in some circumstances. Terms of your aid will be explained in department admission letters. 

In general, Stanford financial support is reserved for doctoral students; very little non-loan support is committed to students admitted to master's programs. In some programs, master's students may have the opportunity to apply for assistantships on a quarterly basis while enrolled, although they have no guarantee that positions will be available or that they will be selected. These students' admission letters will not commit to any Stanford funding, and they should have a clear plan to fund their studies from savings, loans, or external sources. 

Tuition waivers are not available; students must pay tuition not covered by a Stanford award.

Students receiving Stanford awards which cover all necessary tuition and provide a living stipend may not work more than eight hours per week in addition to their fellowship or assistantship responsibilities. (Additional limits apply to international students.)

External Sources

The University recommends that prospective students apply for fellowships or grants from national, international, industrial, or foundation sources for which they may be eligible. Information may be obtained from college or university financial aid or career counseling offices, from United States Information Service or Fulbright offices abroad, or from other references found in university libraries or on the internet.

Notification of external awards should be included with your application for graduate study or sent to your Academic Department when awards are announced. Stanford reserves the right to adjust its awards to students who receive external grants.

Your Financial Aid Office

If you do not qualify for aid through your department to cover all of your costs, you may want to consider borrowing from one or more education loan programs. The process for applying for loans depends on your School. Some Schools have separate financial aid operations, so you need to make sure that you apply through the correct Financial Aid Office. Follow the link listed for your School to learn about the application requirements.

Additionally, the University offers several financial support programs available to all graduate students to supplement the standard support offered by your department when students are in challenging financial situations. See the Financial Aid Office website for more information.