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Respond to the Offer of Admission

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Ready to accept the offer? Follow the instructions on this page to secure your spot.

Step 1: Log in to Your Status Page 

Application Status Page

Step 2: Submit Your Reply to the Offer of Admission

Under Forms, you will see a link to the Reply to the Offer of Admission form. Click on this link to submit your response to accept or decline the offer.

If you are declining the offer, you will have the opportunity to provide a reason. This is completely optional and will not impact any future application to Stanford. 

Deferral of Admission

The offer of admission you received was for a specific graduate degree program and entry term. If you wish to request a deferral to a later term, please submit your request in writing to the graduate program, who has final authority to approve or deny the request. If your request is denied and you are unable to enroll for the original entry term, you will need to reapply in a future cycle. Please note that some departments and/or programs do not accept deferral requests.